Humanized Mice for PDX Platform

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CD34+ Humanized Mice


Human CD34 hematopoietic stem cell-engrafted HuNPI mice (huCD34).

The multi-lineage human immune cell is a validated preclinical platform for immuno-oncology efficacy studies and infectious disease research. 

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Key features

- HuCD34 cells stably engraft within mouse bone marrow.

- Multi-lineage hematopoiesis occurs within 12 weeks.

- Engraftment is stable for over one year without the graft-versus-host disease.

- Multi-immune cells present in the circulation of bone marrow, spleen and other tissues.

- The research span up to 12 months displaying T-cell dependent inflammatory responses without donor cell immune reactivity to the host.

- 30 to 100 mice are reconstituted by each donor.

- Higher reconstitution with CD45 account for as high as 30-70%

- 2 to 4 batches of mice are reconstituted every week and mice can be available at any time with a large number of HLA matching options.

PDX Platform

- 200+ new PDX models are added monthly with a diverse collection over 4000 to choose.

- Each PDX model comes with complete clinical information from selection, validation and efficacy testing


- Immunotherapies

- CAT-T Therapies

- BITE - Biospecific T Cell-engaging Antibody

- Infectious Disease Research