Order Product using Molarity Calculation Cart (MolCart):

1) Click 'Molarity Calculation Cart'

2) Calculate the quantity of specific molarity as you defined concentration (such as 10 nMol/1 mL etc)

3) Close 'Molarity Calculation Cart' by clicking X at the top right corner to transfer the quantity to regular Shopping Cart.

4) Click 'Add to Cart' button Proceed to checkout to complete the order. You will receive the quantity as you ordered as solvent-free form.

5) Alert: If you want us to dissolution using a solvent (such DMSO), please add instruction at note section (such as 10 nM/1 mL in DMSO) etc) and we will pack and deliver the product in solution form (such as 10 nM solution in 1 mL DMSO). If the product cannot dissolve in DMSO or customer specify the preferred solvent, please add your instruction at note section in details. All products shipping in solution form will be used ice-bag with an additional $20 of S&H fees.