AOBIOUS Quantity On Demand (QOD) Pricing System and Molarity Calculation Cart (MolCart)

Under QOD system customers have a choice to order ANY quantity (Qty) as mg. The unit price ($/mg) will be used to calculate the final price. Customer will choose the right quantity (mg) in order to avoid to order more than they need.

AOBIOUS also offers an exclusive Molarity Calculation Cart (MolCart) on each product page to help customer to calculate the exactly amount for the specific molarity and add this amount directly on to shopping cart on ordering. 

Order more, Save more

The unit price ($/mg) will be discounted when quantity (mg) increases as outlined as PRODUCT DISCOUNT PRICES TABLE on each product page (scroll down the page to view in details if your screen is too small to see it). 

Customers can simply add total quantity (mg) to the Shopping Cart and the total sale price will be automatically calculated and seen on the Shopping Cart.

Unit Size Packaging and Sample Weighing 

Without any specific instruction, the final total quantity (mg) of each order will be packed in one vial. However customer can instruct us to pack any unit size for their order. The packaging fee ($20 per 4 vials) will be applied but will be free of charge if 3 or less vials for one order.

All samples will be weighed and labeled to exact amount to microgram level; such as 5.2 mg not 5 mg ...

To Place Order

Online Order and Payment Methods :

1) Select specific quantity (mg) and Add to Cart and then follow 4-step easy-guided process to check out.

2) The easier way is to choose payment by credit card through our Paypal service and the shipment of your product will be sent out within 1 or 2 business days. An order conformation email will be sent to the customer. 

3) For those customers who choose to pay by check or bank wire, they need to email their PURCHASE ORDER to in order to initiate the shipment process. 

4) Customer who have ordered product online, can check their current order status in real time and print out their invoice or receipt directly or track the history of all previous orders through their online account. 

Purchase Order :

1) Email in the purchase order (to: that includes following information:

i) Date of order 

ii) Billing and shipping address (if different)

iii) Name, quantities and total price of the product/s

iv) Carrier account numbers (if you choose your own carrier)

v) Purchase order number

vi) Contact information.

2) The confirmation email will be sent to customer and the product will be shipped out in 1 or 2 business days. The invoice of your purchase will be sent to the customer and a payment is due 30 days from invoice date. Customer who choose wire transfer for the payment will be responsible for the payment of all bank charges for the wire transfer.

Telephone Order :  Currently we do not take any phone order.

Shipping Methods and Costs :

Packages are generally dispatched via FedEx or UPS (or the carriers customer choose) with tracking. 

Standard Shipping Fees include handling and packing fees as well as postage costs and are listed as follows : Domestic ($39.95) and International ($129.95).

Customers who prefer to use their own carrier for delivery will be waived for the shipping fees but must supply their Carrier's Name and Account Number in order to avoid any delay of the shipment.

For all international orders, customers are responsible for all international duty, custom clearance fees or taxes from their destination country and shall provide any duty/tax relief paper-work required for the custom clearance. 

Aobious will not deliver any product to PO Box addresses.