What is EOQ and EOQ calculator:

EOQ = Economic Order Quantity is the number of units with each given order to minimize the total cost of the purchase.

EOQ calculator is a price calculator to compute EOQ for a product.

AOBIOUS online Shopping Cart is actually EOQ calculator that compute the price of over 200 different unit sizes of a product. The customer has a choice to order any quantity of the product but the price will be always discounted if the quantity of the order increases.


What is MolCart:

MolCart = Molarity Calculation Cart that on every product page.

This cart is used to calculate the quantity for specific molarity solution: such as quantity for 10 mMol in 1 mL solution. Since MolCart is a shopping cart, the price related to the quantity is also shown. By click add to the cart button customer can purchase such quantity for the order and directly used in its experiment.