Q: How to get a price quote from product page ?

1) On product page, type the exact quantity (mg) of the order and the price will be automatically calculated.

2) Click print button on the product page, the quotation with product name, quantity and price information can be printed out or saved as pdf format.

3) In case customer want to calculate the price on specific molarity, click the MortCart first to calucalte the exact molarity and close the MortCart, the quantity will be transferred to Cart and then click print botton to generate quote.


Q: How to use Molarity Calculation Cart (MolCart) ?

On product page, customer can use Molarity Calculation Cart (MolCart) to calculate the quanity used in specific molarity of the solution. The quantity generated from the MolCart will automatically transfer to shopping cart with relavant price shown. Customer can purchase this quantity by close the MolCart and continue to use the shopping cart to complete the ordering.


Q: How can I find the price of the product ?

AOBIOUS lists ALL UNIT SIZE for each product in 'mg' quantity. Customer can choose any unit size based on need in order to avoid ordering extra material to waste. Started with the lowest unit size price as $/mg and discounted as quantity changes as illustrated on VOLUME DISCOUNT TABLE on each product page.

To get the exact price on specific quantity as your need, just change the number on quantity either by typing or clicking "+" or "-" sign and the discounted price and its unit price will be shown automatically.


Q: How accurate does sample be weighed out?

A: Accurate measurement of sample is essential for getting valid and reproducible results. We calibrate our balance with readout 0.1 mg daily at room temperature 72F. All AOBIOUS sample unit under 50 mg quantity will be labeled with exact weight down to microgram level. EX: using 5.2 mg and not 5 mg etc. 

Customer can also instuct us to weigh out material at any specific quantity down to microgram level and we will use round off rules for 5 to decide final unit size of the order at mg level.

For instance, customer needs 4.3 mg exact quantity, we will weigh out exact 4.3 mg and count this as 4 mg unit size to calcuate final price. However if inquiring quantity is 4.7 mg exact we will weigh out the exact 4.7 mg quantity but will count this unit size as 5 mg.


Q: Price match consideration?

A: We would like to make customer to purchase research product at affordable price. We'll match and beat the product prices to all major competitors. We often could beat our competitor's price by 15 to 50% lower. If you could find the price of any of our product higher than our competitors, you should talk to us and we would be able to help you out with better offer.


Q: When I issued an order online how fast the order usually could be processed to ship out during your business hour?

A: Because the product and shipping information were typed in by customer, the regular speed to process the order is less than 45 min. The customer should receive the confirmation of shipment within 1-2 hours. If customer did not receive the confirmation with tracking information they should contact us immediately. Our business hours is from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time. Even when the order received at 6:30 PM more often it would be shipped out at the same day to catch the last FedEx pick up time at 8:30 PM.