AOBIOUS is a small but fast-growing company that supplies new biologically active drug-like small molecules for the research market worldwide. We are the first company in the world since 2014 in this market to offer QUANTITY ON DEMAND (QOD) service in pricing. We are also the first company in the world since 2016 to offer MolCart (Molarity Calculation Cart®) to order product. Customers have an option to purchase the product either in any quantity or molarity using QOD/MolCart.

Our mission is to provide scientists with a brand new experience for the purchase of research chemicals for their research without the usual hustle involved in inquiring for a quotation on the price or availability in stock. If you can find the product on our web site listing, we will ship the product to you on the same day with FedEx overnight delivery service.

We make all of our core exclusive products and in addition, we offer other products coming from our reliable vendors that supply bulk quantities of those products to all OEM companies on the market. 

All of our efforts are being used to bring in more innovative products at an affordable price. We have built our reputation based on the quality of our products and customer satisfaction. 

Our service is fully customer-centric. We truly believe that if we want to be successful, we have to do our best to make our customers successful. To establish loyalty and trust with our customers, we only offer products with high quality. We also guarantee fast and on-time delivery of the products once an order has been placed by the customer.
AOBIOUS would like to retain our customers for our brand loyalty. We have set up a loyalty scheme to provide returned-customer a seamless reward program. Please just contact the customer service about our E-voucher System in order to obtain a code specifically designed for your order before your next purchase on our online ordering system and all the returning customers can get a further discount up to 25% on the listed price instantly (All voucher purchases have to be processed online with payment through our merchant account by bank of America NA).

Product Purity

Without any additional specification, the purity of all our products is greater than 98% by HPLC. Certificates of Analysis are available on request.

General Storage Condition

Without any additional specification, all our products should be stored in the refrigerator under the temperature of 4 Celsius for 2-6 months short term storage.

We do not recommend customer to store our products at their own place for a long time since they can order exact quantity as they need from us at any time.