Calcium Channel

Jamaicin (AnCoA4) View larger

Jamaicin (AnCoA4)


CAS No: 24211-36-7


Chemical Name: 3-(6-Methoxy-1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-8,8-dimethyl-4H,8H-benzo[1,2-b:3,4-b]dipyran-4-one

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Data sheet

Molecular FormulaC22H18O6
Molecular Weight378.37
CAS Numbers24211-36-7
Storage Condition0°C (short term), -20°C (long term), desiccated
Purity98% by HPLC

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Novel Orai1 channel inhibitor, blocking calcium influx, reducing its interaction with STIM1, inhibiting T cell activation by preventing calcium-activated gene expression, and inhibiting delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction in vivo

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